I’m already used to Melbourne city center. People here are still extremely nice, and the weather is magnificent, but in general, Melbourne resembles a tropical European city and life in Australia. to me it does not seem so extreme and different. But now, with the new adventures unfolding, this place captures me once again and changes my perceptions of life.
It all began with the drive through the Great Ocean Road. The legendary coastal highway was included in our travel destinations already before departure. Exceptional stories from this place came from anyone who have ever visited this continent. So, we rented a car and off we went. From the first meters it was clear why everyone was so enthusiastic about this natural wonder.
The views on this side are so enchanting that the sightseeing points are located, in my opinion, every hundred meters. And we stopped in every second one of them. Words fail me, but when an enormous, 300-meter high rock rises from the depths of the blue ocean, and for thousands of years it stands fierce ocean waves, a profound respect for nature’s beauty emerges. Although I have a lot of pictures, such emotions will stick to my memory as the most brightest from the drive through the Great Ocean Road.
Returning to Melbourne, we had one task to accomplish — try our luck at the main gambling establishment in the city — the “Crown Casino”. I was well prepared for this event, as I had brought a black jacket and shoes with me. For a while, I thought that this casino would be like the ones displayed in James Bond movies — packed with well-dressed gentlemen and ladies leaving their millions on the poker table. In fact, the casino itself was just as elegant as I imagined, but it was packed by corpulent tourists in T-shirts, who as being spellbound turned the slot machines non-stop. We found more distant Blackjack table surrounded by more elegant audience for playing.

We started the game with a rate of 10 AUD. There were two worried gentlemen in the middle of the table, a very good-looking lady next to me, who, in my opinion, was gambling away the spare money of her rich husband, and two Asian tourists were sitting at the furthest end of the table. The last two were not experts in Blackjack, as they often were asking for some extra cards. To my surprise, the elegant lady was not very comfortable with it. Apparently, she played by the basic systems of Blackjack and did not want her luck being swayed away by some inexperienced beginners.
I was intrigued and took the opportunity to start a conversation with the lady. She was kind, but I immediately noticed that she is hard to influence and smitten with the game. I chose to emphasize my energy and the fun side of my personality. I shared some adventures from the trip, she started to open, and I felt the chance to have a good company for the evening, but at that moment an unexpected turn took place. It turned out that one of the gentlemen at the table is her husband. However, the husband did not severely interrupt our conversation, but expressed great interest and joined the conversation. After a while, he introduced himself and kindly pointed out the status of his relationship with the lady and started a series of questions about our arrival in Australia. Afterwards he invited us to join for a game at the poker table.

From the beginning, this offer shocked me, because, as seen in the movies, rates on private poker tables are rapidly reaching tens and hundreds of thousands. But he calmed us by saying that this is a hobbyist table with 1000 AUD buy-in from each player. That was a huge but still acceptable risk to me. After two hours I finished the game with chips worth 3350 AUD. The kind gentleman had already withdrawn, but he once again showed his kindness by inviting us to a party at the “Crown Towers” the next evening.

Evening continuation…

After turning my winnings into cash, we left the casino and wanted to celebrate. We already knew the best scenario. We went to the clubs, just like before. I also went with safe and approved choice for the company of that night. I still maintained contact with the girl I spent the night together a week ago. And, as far as she was also at the city center, it was a good opportunity to continue what we started. Often, such partying romances end as quickly as they started, but this time the girls again joined our company and again, to make a long story short — the evening ended at our apartment.
This time I was well prepared, and I intensified romance in the room with chill-out music and red wine. We both were also less tipsy, but this time our harmony was fostered by being on one wave. We talked about life, passionately kissed on the terrace and then settled down for the screening of the film in the bedroom.
We did not watch the movie for more than 5 minutes, because the touches led to kisses and kisses led to taking off clothes. At this moment, the girl turned away from my lips and whispered in soft yet demanding voice “spank me”. It thoroughly aroused me and turned this night into a completely wild adventure. I grabbed her behind her waist and turned her upside down. I met her specific request, making her delicious ass-cheeks red with my palm. She later responded with deep scratches on my back and a very, very kinky language. So, this game of pleasure lasted for half a night, until we finally got tired and happily fell into covers, where we stayed until the late afternoon of next day.

The next evening…

Today we went to the casino to participate in the party. Although the room, view and service at this party were of highest level, I was disappointed. The guests of the party mostly were middle-aged gentlemen with their ladies who spoke only about other parties, politics and golf. Unfortunately, those are not the topics I am interested to discuss. A couple of times we began a more enthusiastic talk about traveling or other adventures, but after a while the conversations came to the status quo or conversation partners started to measure their successes and place in the society. We decided to leave the party early. This time, also a noticeable fatigue sneaked up resulting from previous parties and other night activities. Ultimately, the nightlife of Melbourne conquered me. Fully satisfied I returned to the apartment, instantly fell asleep and woke up only twelve hours later.

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