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Australia surprises! A few years ago I wouldn’t have believed that something like this will happen to me.

I am sitting in the terrace on 28th floor of a skyscraper in Melbourne. Despite being January 5th, it is pleasant 28 degrees outside. I am thinking about, how a few years ago all this would not be possible. So, on the next day after a party I have ended up here. There is a saying that those who know what they want will reach it, but the ones who don’t know receive whatever is left. I allowed myself to dream and now I am fulfilling my dream of traveling to Australia. I still have a lot of dreams and a long way to go, I will do everything to reach them.
Why Melbourne then? I have arrived here accidentally, but not completely by accident. Since I was 15, I dreamt of getting to Australia. At that time, I was watching the F1 race in Melbourne with skyscrapers in the background and this view “stuck” in my mind like no other. This year my life has turned around and my bank account is no longer empty. As a gratitude to myself for all the arduous work, I decided to take a longer trip, and completely unintentionally I saw a post on Facebook about graffiti artists in Melbourne. Coincidence? Don’t think so. Within a few hours, I have managed to convince my friend to join me as a travelling companion for the trip and book tickets.
Probably the fabulous view or the warm weather or the late party yesterday are to be blamed but I have decided to share my story. A year ago, I worked at the office from 9.00 to 18.00, and although I lived frugally, I nervously waited for the payday every month. I believe that one must change, and only the one who does will last, therefore, I have always been certain that people must get out of their usual comfort zone… But let’s talk about it another time.
I, based on my experience, can recommend Melbourne as a travel destination. My accommodation was at the skyscraper with a pool, gym and spa. Living in a flat at the skyscraper in Melbourne is not compulsory, but a very useful extra if you want to fully enjoy night-life here and organize your own private parties. Last night the catch-phrase “we have our own flat at the skyscraper with a magnificent view from the 28th floor” was very effective to convince a couple of Australian girls to join us on a private party.

You can jump over this paragraph if you don’t want to find out the costs of such experience. These apartments, although the price is high, we got with a significant 30% discount, because we are staying here for 3 weeks. The actual costs of the apartment were about EUR 5 000, that we split in half with my friend, but flight tickets costed EUR 1 500 per person. For eating, partying, shopping, I set aside a budget of EUR 3 500. I consider that this trip is worth the money and this is my gift to myself for a very successful year.
Last night we were accompanied by my acquaintance from Melbourne—Richard, we taught him to drink pure vodka shots Latvian style. Soon, other members of the club, mostly girls, joined our activity. Soon enough we were wasted, and after gathering a pretty large crowd around ourselves, we were dancing and talking about the differences and similarities between Australia and Latvia. In the end, some of these girls also stayed with us overnight. I am hearing how our companions from last night are starting to wake up in the next room, it’s time for breakfast, morning workout and a swim in the pool…
Here, in this blog, I introduced myself as Mr. X. I will not reveal my identity so that I can keep sharing intimate details from my life. This way I can write openly and without censorship about everything that happens in my life—travelling, women, entertainment, life goal and ways of making money.
Read my blog and follow-up whether I will succeed in reaching my goals. I will continue to write about gained experience, knowledge, money making and my achievements/failures.