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I ended up in a surfing paradise by mistake.

“I was alone with waves and ocean. Nothing else exists as the next great wave appears from afar, and from that moment capture all my attention…”


It is mid-February, the sands surround me, and my body is baked by equatorial sun rays. In front of me, the waves of the ocean crumble ending just off the coast of Brazil. By a wide hand stroke, I erase my own drawing in the sands, grab my surfboard and run to catch some waves. The chain of such events, surfing and spending time on the beach, stays in my mind until the evening.

I’ve arrived at the Southwest Morocco, on the edge of Africa. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, being in Morocco is directly linked to my adventures in London and the people I met there. Though the main cause for all this is linked to the fact that I made a mistake and bought my return flight from London to Riga a month later than necessary. I chose to make this mistake an adventure. One of the party friends Max is regularly going to Morocco to surf, and I chose to join him.

So, from a cold London I ended up in Morocco, where the day had a pleasant temperature of +25 degrees Celsius. Okay, I admit that at night a warm jacket came in handy, but in general the climate here is much more pleasant than sometimes summertime in Latvia. I didn’t need to think about where to stay because my friends had already rented a house in a small town near the ocean (the name of it is so complex that I called it “a small town under Agadir”). I was given my own room with a view to the neighboring courtyard, a surf board, a wet-suit and a place to chill at the terrace on the roof. Nothing was lacking for complete happiness.

Unlike my companions, I have had only a small surfing experience back in Australia. While you are just in front of your computer and browse through the pictures, it looks so harmonious and graceful, but when you are at the ocean shores and see with your eyes huge waves approaching and rocking everything in their way, reasonable doubts start to sneak up. Max taught me the basics of surfing, told about the way ocean currents work, and where is the best place to be for catching the wave. This training was short, but it turned out that surfing is more of a complicated process that requires undivided attention and a lot of training.

I went to the ocean, and the first few times, the waves pushed me out rapidly. The only encouragement — it is a lot of fun, like in an amusement park. Now, when the fears were gone, I went to catch waves again and again. At first, I stayed close to the shore, tried to see how it is when a wave brings you on the board. This part came quite easy for me, but it was just a small start. Even when the wave wasn’t big, it was difficult to stand on the board. The first day went by struggling, falling, being in the waves and gulping water. However, when I came out on the shore after the first session, I set a clear goal for myself. I want to surf at least one wave of my height until the end of my journey.

That evening we cooked dinner together at the house. At the table I couldn’t stop talking about surfing, waves and that I could do it all the time. Friends mostly just smiled, maybe they remembered their first time on the board. I had a very pleasant company, all experienced surfers and adventure seekers. I formed very good friendships with these people, having spent each evening together smoking shisha or water pipe, and discussing important and less meaningful things in life.

The town in which we were staying was rather simple. One main street and three-storey residential buildings. On the street side there were grocery stores and shops to buy goods for surfing. Here was a good mix of locals and hippies. Hippies were the original tourists of this land, and they discovered its magic for a huge mass of people. They were also attracted by the large Moroccan hashish plantations.

Since there were no clubs and Muslims don’t consume alcohol, the only entertainment place we tried was the local Shisha bar with an ocean view. Although the locals were very friendly, I only get to know the local friends of my friends. One of them wasShisha bar and the other was Miguel. Miguel was a local surfing instructor, bodyboarding instructor, tour guide, guide, interpreter, driver… You understand what I mean. Here, if you want to earn a living, it is useful to have various skills. Miguel was a passionate football fan, and this topic gave us a chance to have a deeper conversation. He also told me a lot about the life in Morocco. Shortly, it is not particularly dangerous or difficult to live here, and the locals are not lazy. But much depends on the king’s instructions, the money brought by the tourists and the conflicts in the whole continent of Africa. Many locals dream of being able to go to Europe and work there. However, it does not prevent them from being hard-working in their homes. Morocco is a developed African country, and one can feel the strong influence of Europeans through many generations.

On the following days I spent a lot of time chilling in the sun on the terrace. Gained impressions and conversations with local people made me think about how well we are doing in Europe. All our everyday problems and arguments seem to be so trivial and fictional in comparison to day-to-day living in less developed countries. There is no doubt that the long-term thinking of European people has led us to sound decisions, investments in the future and good living. But the same thinking forces us to worry about life much more than we should. Here people are happy because they value happiness in everyday situations. This is the one lesson that we have forgotten in Latvia and I hope that one day it will be adopted as a foundation for a successful life.

In the afternoon with some surfers and Miguel we went to the local market, where we enjoyed the most delicious fruits grown under the sun of Africa. Delicious little bananas, juicy and tasty oranges, an avocado from the paradise. Here was also a great offer of spices, nuts, various handicrafts from local craftsmen like clothes, scarves, pottery, metal products, etc. In a separate part of market was all kinds of seafood. This place is like a dream for gourmands and lovers of natural products. In my head, it is difficult to compare the masterpieces of these people with the mass production on the shelves of popular supermarket in Latvia. I chose to buy as many spices, products and oils as possible to take home.

The last day I devoted to surfing. Arming with a surfboard in my arms and a thick layer of sunscreen, I went to catch the waves. I wade in the water until the waist, I leaned on the board and started rowing with my hands against the waves. I felt like a pioneer who embarks on an unknown and dangerous journey. I was alone with the waves and the ocean. Nothing else existed as the next great wave appears from afar, and from that moment captures all my attention… It’s like an infinite game where you fight not with the strength of the ocean and waves, but with your abilities and alertness. Of course, for the most part, I’m still a loser in this game, but occasionally I catch a wave, I feel it gives me strength, I pull myself up, and stumble on the surfboard towards the shore. At this moment I felt like a king of the world. Maybe I was surfing only for five to ten seconds, but in my head, it was eternity, which fills the mind with so many emotions that there are no better feelings. When I again fell into the water, all the heavy effort required to reach the next wave seemed worth it. This is a type of drug, an adrenaline producer, love that can last forever.

After saying goodbyes to my new friends, I went to the airport terminal with my bags and started the journey back to Latvia. This time, I felt completely relaxed, and my mind was organized. And even though I will miss the sun and the ocean, I’m full of motivation to make more money for livelihood, so that in the future, I have the means to spoil myself at the exotic corners of the world.

Deja vu! When you go to a girl and recall yourself in a place you have already visited.

”Damn, I have already been there. It turns out that a year ago, I was going out with her roomie and due to misunderstanding things ended badly…”

I AM BACK IN RIGA TO PARTY HARD. Let’s have a wild party to warm up! After the impressions of Australia, I was open to new adventures. After the summer in Australia, I have come to the gloomy and wet weather in Latvia, which we call winter.

This short story about Lāsma began when I forced my friend into giving me a phone number of the girl I have noticed. I even told him to warn the beautiful lady that I will contact her. She replied: “Try!”

Do you know those beautiful gold digger type of girls? She was exactly like that — beautiful and well-groomed woman like a Barbie doll. Such girls are dangerous, but it was too late — my mind was already blurred.

How did our date go? Honestly, the beginning of the date was rather clumsy. We couldn’t find a common language and the conversation was not flowing. Then suddenly I began to speak my truth and shared my belief how many people themselves are influencing their own destiny with positive or negative thinking. Lāsma completely immersed in the conversation, and started telling about horoscopes, happiness and her own experience. The dinner flew by in an instant. On the way to the car I invited her to a short stroll through the park. I chose the most romantic corner of the park, stopped Lāsma and admitted that the evening with her turned out wonderful. At the next moment I was already kissing her sweet lips.

Another good activity to grow harmony is a salsa bar. Dances, conversations and glances. It seemed as we already were on our fifth date. Lāsma was smiling and getting more warmer and was not objecting to touches. Also, a little bit tipsy. With a little trick up my sleeve, I promised to deliver her home, but first collect something at my apartment. Let’s put it this way, unintentionally I invited her to smoke a water pipe and one thing led to another. Gentle touches, we get naked too quickly, and Lāsma didn’t object to any of my wishes. Sex quickly became hot, passionate, and the girl breathed heavily. After a spectacular finish, we wrapped ourselves under covers and quickly fell asleep. In the morning, I saw a little panic in her eyes, but I managed to quickly calm her down. I jumped on the opportunity while we both were still naked in bed, by slowly kissing her, I moved lower and lower until I was between her legs. She was my priority and I made her feel my presence. I understood that for some time she was flying above the ground. “Don’t stop… Continue!”, she said in a feverish voice, and those were the last words I could hear.

We chose to spend Saturday together. A romantic walk on a snowy beach, kisses… For dinner we chose a place in a city center. We ordered two Long Island Iced Tea cocktails to free the atmosphere of the evening and let the conversations flow. After a romantic walk, the appetite was good for both of us — both the plates and cocktails were emptied quickly, so we ordered more snacks and, of course, cocktails. Word by word, laughter and conversations… We decided to go out and have some fun also tonight. Let’s say — a very wild party and I don’t even remember how I ended up in Lāsma’s apartment. Once I woke up in the morning, I realized that I had already been there. It turns out that a year ago, I was going out with her roomie and due to misunderstanding things ended badly back then. It was by far the most uncomfortable breakfast ever. During breakfast I had a feeling that her roomie will walk in. All the time it seemed as if the door handle is being lowered. I ate, quickly kissed her and got going.

When the stress decreased, I began to realize that I missed the openness and tenderness of Lāsma. She had even cooked a delicious breakfast. Gotta meet her again, but there is one problem — her roomie. Next time she will cook breakfast at my home.

When your past comes back to bite you in the ass!

After a long workday, the first thought that came to my mind was as follows: “Must get some rest, so I need to look for ways how to have fun. I want to meet someone, but who?” I continued to think who I would like to meet most, and the first person who come to my mind — a girl named Lāsma! Why exactly Lāsma? Because she was the first person who addressed me. At the moment, when I began to think what to do, Lāsma sent me a text message: “Hey! What are your plans for tonight? I’ll be at the club “Piens”, maybe you want to catch up? It’s Wednesday — so it’s time for wine, are you up for this challenge?”

At the first moment when I saw the words “Lāsma” and “to meet” in one message, I thought no longer and began to polish my shoes. I replied to her: “Tonight I’m going to have a party with the President of Latvia, but maybe at some moment I will be free ;)…”. Of course, I didn’t have actual plans, but she doesn’t need to know that. She answered only with the ambiguous “haha”. It made my blood circulate more rapidly through my body.

Wednesday at the club “Piens” — a great atmosphere, good music, a lot of people and wine. And Lāsma is there. On my way to the club I wrote here: “Are you still at “Piens”? I am on my way…” I received an answer that shocked me quite a bit and changed the course of the evening: “We are at the bar, I am with my roomie, we are waiting for you to join us! ;)”

Her roomie… This was the girl named Liene, with whom I had one too many drinks in an event a long time ago, however it was exactly enough to want to conclude the evening together. At that time, I did not have the money for an apartment where to bring a girl back without being ashamed. So, we went to her apartment and had another drink. It was a big mistake at that time, because we had known each other just for a few hours and only thing uniting us was the amount of alcohol in our bodies. This spontaneous activity was followed by a long and awkward morning in the bed. The drunkenness was gone, and the conversations wasn’t flowing at all. When I finally got home, I was ashamed of myself, I never wrote back to Liene and our contact ended there.

Until now. Of course, if she finds out that I am seeing her roomie, she won’t give any good comments about me. Sitting in a car, I thought how I could get out of this situation and began to think about a solution. A thought popped into my mind that I could write to my friend who could distract Liene, allowing me calmly to speak to Lāsma and get to know her more closely. I called my friend, who is every Wednesday at “Piens”. This time was no exception. I explained the current situation and gave him a task to distract Liene. I asked what type of whiskey he does prefer and told him that I owe one. After a while, he reported back to me saying: “I found a girl named Liene. We drunk, now we are dancing, and her friend is alone at the bar. Act!” The best message ever written by a friend!

When I entered “Piens”, I immediately went to Lāsma. I didn’t see Liene anywhere near her. Lāsma greeted me with a passionate kiss. I wondered whether she missed me, or it is because my friends have been neglecting and not paying attention to her. My plan was as follows — have a quick conversation with Lāsma, she finishes her drink and we go somewhere else. In my mind “somewhere else” was my bed. She really agreed to come along, just said that she will quickly say goodbye to her friend and come. In order not to be noticed, I said that I will already go and warm up the car. As a safety guarantee I took her jacket and purse, to assure that she will have no chance of disappearing on me.

I went to the car and was happy about the great plan. I drove closer to the entrance, Lāsma sat in the front. Then suddenly the rear doors of the car opened and Liene got in together with my friend. I was having a little panic attack, I had no clue how to get out of this situation. I sat and looked in the rearview mirror, but it seemed that Liene was having a lot of fun. It seemed that she did not even recognize me, which slightly made the whole situation better. At this point, I realized that I still have hope, just need to get rid of the joyful company at the back of the car.

It’s Wednesday evening and there are not many options to party, therefore the only place that came to mind was “Skyline Bar”. We went there. As soon as we arrived, my friend and Liene got out. This was my chance. Left alone with Lāsma, I immediately asked, “Maybe we go to my place?” Lāsma hugged me, kissed me on my cheek and replied, “Thank you for a wonderful evening, but I already know what will follow and I am not a short-term entertainment option. Have a nice evening, it was interesting to get to know you!” She got out of the car and closed the door behind her.

I sat still in the car just for a few minutes, thinking about what just happened. It became clear to me that the girls had talked about me among themselves, and Liene had told everything she thought of me. I felt a bitter disappointment knowing that there will be no nice ending to this evening together with Lāsma, and I regret that I will not get to know this beautiful and intelligent girl closer. Then my thinking process stopped, my mind restarted, and I began to see everything clearly. What else could I do, I haven’t done anything harmful to anyone? Except, my trick for tonight, I’ve been fair to both girls. If it is not in the cards, it is not! There are many more long legs in the world, beautiful smiles and attractive women. Each ending is the beginning of something new and better.

A spacious house, a separate fridge for beer boxes, surf boards in the yard… the eternal hippie “feel”.

For a few days we still enjoyed wandering around in nature, sunbathing, and in a spare time I found time to catch up with work. But the time to return home was quickly approaching. Everything we experienced in these weeks can be described as pure ecstasy. I have changed as a human being. I have gone on several trips and I like how it recharges and gives me pleasure after the long working days in Latvia. Spending money for traveling is so worth it, as well as working hard to satisfy one of my wishes — to travel. When I am well rested and gathered strength, the desire to return home and jump back to work increases. I want to make a list of big goals, jobs to do and jump right on to complete them. Money in life does not buy happiness, but it can certainly lead me to opportunities and situations where I can find happiness myself. We said our goodbyes to friends and the girls we get to know and went on to the Gold Coast.
We arrived at the Australia’s number one party town — Gold Coast. We had already heard that local people spend days only surfing and partying.

Do you want to know, why am I in the Gold Coast? Firstly, the weather conditions here are perfect, flawless oceanfront beach and beautiful sunbathed Australian girls. Secondly, I have also a very practical reason — my cousin with his family is living here. I can stay with them for several days and they will never bore me.
When I arrived at their home, I got the true feel of Australian eternal hippie for the first time. A spacious house, a separate fridge for beer boxes, surf boards in the yard — the most relaxed chill in the world can begin! The first evening we spent drinking beer on the terrace, watching the sunset, and talked about the light side of life. It’s interesting to talk to people who are always doing well, everything is provided, and coziness prevails. This is the family where love and harmony take over entirely. Not sure if an “ordinary” Latvian would even believe that it is true and not artificially played. By spending plenty of time with them, I can say with certainty that it all is authentic. My conclusion — good conditions and prosperity are truly positive factors helping people to be happy. My desire to succeed more in life and to earn enough money grew stronger, so that in the future I could provide carefree environment, opportunities and happiness for myself and my family.
Also, the following days past by similarly. During daytime we went surfing, we dined in the restaurants, and watched sunsets on the terrace, engaged in pleasant conversations discussing fun adventures.

“Spank me!” she whispered in a demanding voice. Australia keeps surprising!

I’m already used to Melbourne city center. People here are still extremely nice, and the weather is magnificent, but in general, Melbourne resembles a tropical European city and life in Australia. to me it does not seem so extreme and different. But now, with the new adventures unfolding, this place captures me once again and changes my perceptions of life.
It all began with the drive through the Great Ocean Road. The legendary coastal highway was included in our travel destinations already before departure. Exceptional stories from this place came from anyone who have ever visited this continent. So, we rented a car and off we went. From the first meters it was clear why everyone was so enthusiastic about this natural wonder.
The views on this side are so enchanting that the sightseeing points are located, in my opinion, every hundred meters. And we stopped in every second one of them. Words fail me, but when an enormous, 300-meter high rock rises from the depths of the blue ocean, and for thousands of years it stands fierce ocean waves, a profound respect for nature’s beauty emerges. Although I have a lot of pictures, such emotions will stick to my memory as the most brightest from the drive through the Great Ocean Road.
Returning to Melbourne, we had one task to accomplish — try our luck at the main gambling establishment in the city — the “Crown Casino”. I was well prepared for this event, as I had brought a black jacket and shoes with me. For a while, I thought that this casino would be like the ones displayed in James Bond movies — packed with well-dressed gentlemen and ladies leaving their millions on the poker table. In fact, the casino itself was just as elegant as I imagined, but it was packed by corpulent tourists in T-shirts, who as being spellbound turned the slot machines non-stop. We found more distant Blackjack table surrounded by more elegant audience for playing.

We started the game with a rate of 10 AUD. There were two worried gentlemen in the middle of the table, a very good-looking lady next to me, who, in my opinion, was gambling away the spare money of her rich husband, and two Asian tourists were sitting at the furthest end of the table. The last two were not experts in Blackjack, as they often were asking for some extra cards. To my surprise, the elegant lady was not very comfortable with it. Apparently, she played by the basic systems of Blackjack and did not want her luck being swayed away by some inexperienced beginners.
I was intrigued and took the opportunity to start a conversation with the lady. She was kind, but I immediately noticed that she is hard to influence and smitten with the game. I chose to emphasize my energy and the fun side of my personality. I shared some adventures from the trip, she started to open, and I felt the chance to have a good company for the evening, but at that moment an unexpected turn took place. It turned out that one of the gentlemen at the table is her husband. However, the husband did not severely interrupt our conversation, but expressed great interest and joined the conversation. After a while, he introduced himself and kindly pointed out the status of his relationship with the lady and started a series of questions about our arrival in Australia. Afterwards he invited us to join for a game at the poker table.

From the beginning, this offer shocked me, because, as seen in the movies, rates on private poker tables are rapidly reaching tens and hundreds of thousands. But he calmed us by saying that this is a hobbyist table with 1000 AUD buy-in from each player. That was a huge but still acceptable risk to me. After two hours I finished the game with chips worth 3350 AUD. The kind gentleman had already withdrawn, but he once again showed his kindness by inviting us to a party at the “Crown Towers” the next evening.

Evening continuation…

After turning my winnings into cash, we left the casino and wanted to celebrate. We already knew the best scenario. We went to the clubs, just like before. I also went with safe and approved choice for the company of that night. I still maintained contact with the girl I spent the night together a week ago. And, as far as she was also at the city center, it was a good opportunity to continue what we started. Often, such partying romances end as quickly as they started, but this time the girls again joined our company and again, to make a long story short — the evening ended at our apartment.
This time I was well prepared, and I intensified romance in the room with chill-out music and red wine. We both were also less tipsy, but this time our harmony was fostered by being on one wave. We talked about life, passionately kissed on the terrace and then settled down for the screening of the film in the bedroom.
We did not watch the movie for more than 5 minutes, because the touches led to kisses and kisses led to taking off clothes. At this moment, the girl turned away from my lips and whispered in soft yet demanding voice “spank me”. It thoroughly aroused me and turned this night into a completely wild adventure. I grabbed her behind her waist and turned her upside down. I met her specific request, making her delicious ass-cheeks red with my palm. She later responded with deep scratches on my back and a very, very kinky language. So, this game of pleasure lasted for half a night, until we finally got tired and happily fell into covers, where we stayed until the late afternoon of next day.

The next evening…

Today we went to the casino to participate in the party. Although the room, view and service at this party were of highest level, I was disappointed. The guests of the party mostly were middle-aged gentlemen with their ladies who spoke only about other parties, politics and golf. Unfortunately, those are not the topics I am interested to discuss. A couple of times we began a more enthusiastic talk about traveling or other adventures, but after a while the conversations came to the status quo or conversation partners started to measure their successes and place in the society. We decided to leave the party early. This time, also a noticeable fatigue sneaked up resulting from previous parties and other night activities. Ultimately, the nightlife of Melbourne conquered me. Fully satisfied I returned to the apartment, instantly fell asleep and woke up only twelve hours later.