For a few days we still enjoyed wandering around in nature, sunbathing, and in a spare time I found time to catch up with work. But the time to return home was quickly approaching. Everything we experienced in these weeks can be described as pure ecstasy. I have changed as a human being. I have gone on several trips and I like how it recharges and gives me pleasure after the long working days in Latvia. Spending money for traveling is so worth it, as well as working hard to satisfy one of my wishes — to travel. When I am well rested and gathered strength, the desire to return home and jump back to work increases. I want to make a list of big goals, jobs to do and jump right on to complete them. Money in life does not buy happiness, but it can certainly lead me to opportunities and situations where I can find happiness myself. We said our goodbyes to friends and the girls we get to know and went on to the Gold Coast.
We arrived at the Australia’s number one party town — Gold Coast. We had already heard that local people spend days only surfing and partying.

Do you want to know, why am I in the Gold Coast? Firstly, the weather conditions here are perfect, flawless oceanfront beach and beautiful sunbathed Australian girls. Secondly, I have also a very practical reason — my cousin with his family is living here. I can stay with them for several days and they will never bore me.
When I arrived at their home, I got the true feel of Australian eternal hippie for the first time. A spacious house, a separate fridge for beer boxes, surf boards in the yard — the most relaxed chill in the world can begin! The first evening we spent drinking beer on the terrace, watching the sunset, and talked about the light side of life. It’s interesting to talk to people who are always doing well, everything is provided, and coziness prevails. This is the family where love and harmony take over entirely. Not sure if an “ordinary” Latvian would even believe that it is true and not artificially played. By spending plenty of time with them, I can say with certainty that it all is authentic. My conclusion — good conditions and prosperity are truly positive factors helping people to be happy. My desire to succeed more in life and to earn enough money grew stronger, so that in the future I could provide carefree environment, opportunities and happiness for myself and my family.
Also, the following days past by similarly. During daytime we went surfing, we dined in the restaurants, and watched sunsets on the terrace, engaged in pleasant conversations discussing fun adventures.

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